Broadband Connectivity – More Critical Than Ever!

High quality Broadband, Firewall and Web filtering solutions are vital for the efficient operation of schools and for the education and safeguarding of children.

As you will be aware, the impact of COVID and other factors has accelerated the usage of Broadband in schools and the demand for faster internet speeds, we expect to see this demand continuing to grow over the coming years.

The events over the last 18 months have left many schools with inadequate broadband, with the pressure to improve provisions now greater than ever.  Unfortunately, schools often lack the knowledge and time to procure the best solutions, through fear of making bad decisions schools find themselves stuck and overpaying for solutions that aren’t fit for purpose.

Our MD Phillip Allum has recently presented at regional SBL conferences about the increased demand on schools’ Broadband provision and the impact COVID-19 has had, which has been very well received.

To further help schools Phillip has prepared a brief Video Guide outlining the challenges that are now faced because of COVID-19 and the importance of procuring the right Broadband, Firewall and Web Filtering solutions in schools.

Simply click on the following link to view the guide.

Click here to view Broadband Procurement Video Guide

NB:  Most School Broadband Contracts renew in March or April, if this is the case for your school, you will need to take action within the next 6 weeks, due to Broadband supplier lead times and notice periods.

If you have any queries, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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