As a School Business Leader, which of these Broadband procurement mistakes will you make?

Here is the problem you face:   Your Broadband, firewall web filtering is critical to the smooth operation of your school, for teaching and keeping children safe online.

School Business Leaders often lack knowledge in this area, so tend to stick with the Local Authority or an incumbent provider through fear of making a bad decision and getting it wrong.

This means, that sadly, you are failing to benchmark solutions and deliver best value for your school.

Luckily for you, there’s now a solution.  Here is a School Broadband Procurement Service, that will help you identify exactly what you need, to take away all the worry.

School Broadband Procurement Service – what it means to you!  Some Local Authorities can be very dominating and even generate an element of fear, by exaggerating the complexities of Broadband services and linking it to IT support.  This service provides you with an opportunity to identify substantial savings for your school, which means you can focus on allocating that money where it is most needed to benefit the staff and children.

  • This service will ensure that your Firewall and Web Filtering complies with the DfE guidelines, which means you don’t have to worry about getting it wrong.
  • The range of broadband technologies available will be explained, which means you can have complete confidence that the right broadband line and speed is selected for your school.
  • A report outlining comparative solutions and pricing from Education Specific providers, will be done for you, so you don’t have to waste time dealing with different suppliers and enabling you to focus on the other demands of your job.
  • We will assist you in choosing the best solution and supplier for you school, so you can feel satisfied with a job well done and enjoy the benefits the staff and children will reap as a result!

Why us?

We are proud of our excellent reputation within the Education sector, having now helped over 700 schools achieve combined savings in excess of £3 Million.  More than 250 of these schools are based in Lancashire.

Look what our customers say…

  • “TGE Solutions helped us engage with suppliers and procure pricing, with the aim of selecting a single supplier for Broadband, Firewall and Filtering contracts for all the schools in our Trust. TGE provided a detailed report, recommended companies to shortlist, and helped us select a supplier who was best able to implement the solution we desired at the best price possible. I wouldn’t hesitate to use them again.” David Burns, Network Services Manager, Red Kite Learning Trust, North Yorkshire.
  • “TGE Solutions had previously helped us with a couple of telecoms projects, having been delighted with their previous work we recruited their services again to procure a new Broadband contract. Their knowledge of the market saved us time and money, enabling us to procure a new solution that was far superior to our old setup at a greatly reduced price. I would happily recommend their services to any school.” Nigel Penn, Finance Director, Scalby School, Scarborough


  • We do all the work – saving you time
  • Our expertise and knowledge ensure you will make the right decision
  • Our procurement methods will save your school money
  • You stay compliant with the DfE guidelines
  • You will succeed in delivering best value for your school

Our Guarantee to you

We guarantee that we will only procure from companies that specialise in supplying Broadband, Firewall & Filtering solutions to Schools. By doing this we will ensure that you adhere to the guidelines set out by the Department for Education in the “Online Safety” section of their “Keeping children safe in education statutory guidance for schools and colleges” guide.

Take action

Succeed with ease, let us do all the work for you and ensure you get things right.

Contact us by emailing or call 01937 420052.


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