2025 Telecoms Planning Audit

BT* has announced they will switch off their PSTN and ISDN line networks by 2025.

This will have a major impact on most organisations across the UK, PSTN and ISDN lines will be ceased, and equipment connected to them will need to be replaced or upgraded.

It is important that businesses prepare for this in good time.

*BT Openreach own the majority of the UK’s telecoms line network, so even if you are with a different provider, this will still apply to your business.

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The Hurdles

  • This is an opportune time for telecoms companies to exploit businesses by trying to sell them products and services, which might not be suitable and are overpriced
  • Businesses risk being tied into lengthy, costly contracts
  • The telecoms industry is a minefield of suppliers, services and products. Only some of which are suitable for your business
  • Pricing varies dramatically – it is difficult to know if you are getting the most competitive rates

How to cross the Finish Line

Our 2025 Planning Audit will be conducted by our team of experts and provides:

  • An audit of your phone lines, contracts and technology
  • How the BT switch off will impact your organisation
  • Areas where cost savings can be achieved
  • What steps need to be taken and when so that budgets can be planned

Next step...

We are here to help - as established and trusted advisors we help organisations save money through our procurement and cost saving services.
Pick up the phone, send us an email or simply fill in the enquiry form below to discover how we can help you plan for the BT switch off, save your Business money and improve your telecoms provision.

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It’s possible that your 2025 Planning Audit will highlight the need for a new telephone system. Please look at our Phone System Procurement Service to see what is involved.

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