Broadband Procurement Service

Schools have become major users of technology and the number of services using the internet continues to grow. As a result, high quality Broadband, Firewall and Web filtering solutions are now vital for the education and safeguarding of children and the efficient operation of schools.

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The Hurdles

  • Local Authority led buying results in schools lacking in knowledge of what Broadband services are available and their true cost
  • Some Local Authorities generate an element of fear and discourage schools from sourcing their own Broadband suppliers by exaggerating its complexity
  • Bandwidth demands are constantly increasing due to services moving to the cloud and the introduction of tablet and laptop devices for pupils
  • Ensuring that your Broadband, Firewall and Web Filtering meets the Department for Education

How to cross the Finish Line

Join the 1000’s of other schools across the country that have already left the Local Authority and benefitted from faster broadband, improved service and reduced prices. Our aim is to protect your school from being exploited and to ensure you procure the right solution for your school.
Our Broadband Procurement service provides the following benefits:

  • Explain the different broadband technologies available
  • Help you select the right broadband line and speed for your school
  • Ensure that your Firewall and Web Filtering complies with the DfE guidelines
  • Procure pricing from companies that specialise in supplying Broadband to schools
  • Assist you in choosing the best solution and supplier for you school

Working together, we will ensure that your school procures a high-quality broadband service, from a reputable supplier at the best price.

TGE Solutions had previously helped us with a couple of telecoms projects, having been delighted with their previous work we recruited their services again when our broadband contract came up for renewal. Their knowledge of the market saved us both time and money, enabling us to procure a new Leased Line, Firewall and Web Filtering solution that was far superior to our old setup at a greatly reduced price. I would happily recommend their services to any school.

Scalby School, Scarborough

Nigel Penn
Finance Director

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We are here to help – as established and trusted advisors we help hundreds of schools each year put money back into education by offering genuine, honest advice.
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