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“From start to finish Phil and Daria have been a pleasure to deal with. A new phone system has been on my to-do list for a couple of years, TGE took all the time consuming aspects of the project away and gave me complete confidence I was making a great choice.“

Pamela Cummins, School Business Manager
Clarendon Primary School

“Excellent service, prompt, reliable and informative. Useful advice given and new system sorted within a couple of weeks, something I just didn't have the time or expertise to do myself. Would highly recommend!“

Michelle Boyle, School Business Manager
Broad Oak Primary School

“TGE Solutions just took the stress of the tendering process out of our hands. Documentation and communication was clear and concise and made the whole process much easier and smoother than trying to do it ourselves without TGE’s specialist knowledge in the phone system market.“

Paul Greenhalgh, IT Manager
Champion Education Trust

“The procurement of the telephone system by TGE Solutions was clear and straight forward. Their expertise in this field was second to none and we felt very comfortable following their advice. They listened to our needs at the beginning of the project and guided us through the process with ease. We are very happy with our new provider.“

Debra Darkin, School Business Manager
Sitwell Infant School, Rotherham

“Phil is very knowledgeable and it's good to have his insight in terms of who has a good reputation etc (they can all do the sales talk, which makes it hard when you don't know the companies offering their services). It was also good to have his input re what equipment is likely to stay in the market for future proofing our system.“

Lisa Lynch, School Business Manager
Boothroyd Primary Academy, Dewsbury

“The market of telecoms is a vast and complex market, which I tried to familiarise myself with before commissioning TGE to oversee the process. This took all of the worries out of the process as I felt I was out of my depth with the varying and sometimes misguided information I had received from Telecoms Companies. TGE removed the complexity of delving into a changing Telecoms market by ensuring that the schools needs were met and filtering out companies trying to oversell products that were not suitable for schools use.“

Angela MacLeod, School Business Manager
St Joseph’s Primary School, Anderton

“I first met Phil at a LASBM (Lancashire Association of School Business Managers) Conference, he told me how his company could help me save money on our current phone system and get the right technology for the future. Phil and Daria have guided me through the process of changing our phone system and have been extremely helpful. Thank you.“

June Seed, School Business Manager
Newton Bluecoat CE Primary School

“I have used the services of TGE Solutions three times in recent years, most recently to procure a new whole school telephone system. I would not hesitate in recommending their services to other schools, their expertise and knowledge is invaluable, and saved us a lot of time and money.“

Mandy Gaitens, School Business Manager
Ribbleton Avenue Methodist Junior School

“Phil and the team were very knowledgeable and helpful throughout the telephone system procurement process.“

Nick Wormald, IT Manager
Northstead Community Primary School

“Great service and advice in the procurement of our new telephone system. Very efficient and I would not hesitate in recommending the TGE Solutions team. Thanks for your help.“

Alison Boyd, Bursar
Basnett Street Nursery School

“TGE Solutions provided an excellent, friendly service with a 'nothing is too much trouble' approach for a great price. With their expertise we felt confident we were making the right telephone system choice for us and would definitely recommend them anyone.“

Kerry Rowley, School Business Manager
Arnold Nursery School & Children’s Centre

“We used TGE to tender our phone system and broadband contract and their knowledge and experience was invaluable. Phil and Daria were extremely helpful throughout the whole process and I would definitely recommend them. We now have a new phone system and we have made considerable savings for school in the process.“

Helen Masterson, School Business Manager
Coupe Green Primary School

“Phil was really good, his subject knowledge and detailed presentation was easy for us to understand. Using TGE alleviated the process of having to engage with third parties which would have taken a huge amount of time to coordinate. I would thoroughly recommend TGE for their services as the quality was excellent!“

Linda Bristow, School Business Manager
Newby Primary School, Bradford

“TGE really took the hassle out of the procurement process, completely focused on what we as a school wanted from our new telephone system.“

Paula Newby, School Business Manager
Pickering Community Infant and Nursery School

“The technical support and guidance provided by TGE Solutions was invaluable to the team in school when procuring our new telephone system particularly as we moved over to VoIP. Thank you“

Julie Childs, School Business Manager
Carr Hill High School

“Phil and Daria at TGE Solutions are great. They answer my endless amounts of questions and have assisted me when I've had concerns. From the start Phil has been knowledgeable and helpful. I would have found the telephone system procurement process difficult without his advice and support.“

Janine Nicholas, Bursar
Northern Primary School, Bacup

“From the start of our new phone system procurement to the end TGE have been excellent, producing a tender, evaluating the responses and providing support during the implementation. Phil's knowledge is second to none and I doubt we would have even procured a new system without Phil and Daria's support. I would highly recommend TGE Solutions.“

Jonathan Meehan, Finance Director
Huntington School, York

“Here at QEGS we were stuck with an old phone system and facing the ever looming ISDN cut off from BT. We spoke to several phone suppliers but in the end needed professional telecoms assistance, which is exactly what I got from TGE Solutions. Their approach to helping us procure a new phone system was incredibly helpful and made the job easier. I would definitely recommend TGE to other schools and businesses.“

Andrew Finney, Network Manager
Queen Elizabeth’s Grammar School, Blackburn

“At all stages of the procurement process, TGE Solutions were extremely knowledgeable and helpful, even going above and beyond to help us get out of an existing contract. Nothing was ever too much trouble and we would certainly recommend them to anyone looking to update their phone system.“

Alexandra Simpson, School Business Manager
Denholme Primary School

“It's always a pleasure to do business with TGE Solutions- A comprehensive and effective service.“

Louise Martin, School Business Manager
St Mary’s Catholic High School, Preston

“Superb procurement service from TGE. The whole process was seamless, pain free and an excellent product has been provided. Thank you to all involved.“

Marie Shiels, Business Manager
Fir Vale Academy Trust

“We would highly recommend TGE Solutions for Telecom audit and procurement. Phil is an expert in his field offering a professional, honest and friendly service. The audit and procurement service and advice were invaluable in securing the correct products and services for our school at a competitive price.“

Nicola Barlow, School Business Officer
Hoole St Michael CE Primary School

“We first worked with TGE Solutions and Phil when we wanted to change our telecom provider, a thorough telecoms audit was conducted which resulted in a new provider being identified and substantial savings on call charges being made. Phil and his team handled the transition between the providers with no disruption to school. We have just recently worked with Phil and his team again to procure a new telephone system, Phil took the time to really understand what school needed from the new system, before running the tendering process and providing us with a clear and concise report on the outcomes and with suggestions on the best way to proceed. The company’s expertise meant we were saved the time of having to meet with several sales representatives and then interpret and compare what we had been told about each system. TGE Solutions remained in contact during the installation of the phone system and have helped us work out a few initial teething problems. I would not hesitate to recommend them to other schools.“

Kirstin Middleton, School Business Manager
Bury CE High School

“We have used TGE Solutions to help us procure our new phone system and have had a very successful upgrade of our whole telecommunication system. The procurement process was easy to follow and Phil and team were available throughout the whole process. Thank you to Phil and Daria for providing such an efficient service, great value for money. We will recommend TGE services at every opportunity“

Julie Hammond, School Business Manager
Hunmanby Primary School

“With our broadband contract coming up for renewal, we approached TGE Solutions following a presentation at a local School Business Managers conference. Reliance on internet connectivity had significantly increased over the course of our existing contract and so we wanted to ensure this vital service was future-proofed to meet the growing needs of the school. We knew from our initial meeting that a partnership with Phil and Daria would be extremely beneficial to our school, tapping into their years of experience and knowledge of the industry has helped us make significant improvements and savings on one of our most crucial contracts. We can't thank Phil and Daria enough for their work and we look forward to working with them both again. “

Matt Humphreys, ICT Network Manager
The Kingsway School, Cheadle

“Phil and TGE Solutions were recommended to us from a fellow SBM in a neighbouring authority where he had managed to procure a new phone system resulting in significant savings for the school. We then went through the same process and saved significantly on what we had been quoted from our existing provider. Phil and the team at TGE were knowledgeable, responsive to our needs and sourced reputable suppliers at competitive prices. I would not hesitate to recommend TGE to other schools in the future.“

Karen Newton, School Business Manager
Newbridge Learning Community, Wigan

“TGE Solutions helped us purchase our new telephone system. We are really happy with the ease of the whole process, not having to secure 3 tenders saved valuable time. The installation went really smoothly and we are very pleased with our new phone system. I would highly recommend TGE to other schools.“

Paula Harris, School Business Manager
Lacewood Primary School, Rotherham

“TGE Solutions initially reviewed our phone costs a year or so ago after I met them at a School Business Managers Conference . They did a great job resulting in large savings and subsequent issues that we had with the previous provider were sorted out smoothly and efficiently. The after care has been excellent. TGE really came to my rescue this year when our complete phone system stopped working in the lead up to the COVID lockdown. I rang Phil and he came to see me at very short notice to discuss our needs and to procure a new phone system as a matter of urgency. Tenders were written the same day and quotes returned a couple of days later, enabling us to make our decision. The phone system was installed a week later. Phil and Daria are very professional and friendly. Nothing is too much trouble for them and the service they provided was excellent. I can’t thank TGE enough for all their help and support at what was a very difficult time.“

Geraldine Leary, Finance Officer
Lane End Primary School

“Over the years we have engaged the services of TGE Solutions to look at cost savings and help us procure mobile contracts and most recently our new phone system. We have been delighted with all the projects they have assisted us with and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend TGE to any other schools.“

Jen Jukes, School Business Manager
Sir Tom Finney Community High School, Preston

“We met Phil at a CASBAM (Cumbria Association of School Business and Administration Managers) conference and engaged TGE Solutions to help us procure a new telephone system. Phil met with us at school and listened carefully to our needs. We felt confident in his specialist knowledge from the beginning of the process. We were working on a very tight deadline for this project and put TGE under pressure to respond quickly. They did this calmly and did all the hard work for us. We were given quotes to consider, all from reputable suppliers that TGE has worked with for many years. We have recently had our new system installed and it matches our needs perfectly. I am satisfied that we have got a robust system that will suit our needs for years to come. I wouldn't have known where to start with this process, having limited IT knowledge, and I'm very grateful to TGE for their professional and honest service. Thank you“

Cath Billington, School Business Manager
St Mary’s CE Primary School, Kirkby Lonsdale

“TGE Solutions helped us purchase a new telephone system. They dealt with the system design and tendering process along with reviewing the proposals to help us select the correct product and supplier. They have been a great help throughout the entire process, I would highly recommend their services to other schools.“

Yvonne Williamson, Academy Business Manager
Lisle Marsden CE Primary Academy, Grimsby

“TGE Solutions assisted us with the procurement of our new telephone system. Their knowledge of the market saved us a lot of time and money and helped us to get the best system for how our school operates. This has given us the reassurance that we have a system which will accommodate our needs and with a supplier that was local and a perfect match for our school. Everyone at TGE has been a pleasure to work with throughout the whole process and I would highly recommend them.“

Pamela Trotman, Bursar
Bowerham Primary & Nursery School

“We joined a group procurement deal with a number of other schools in our area through TGE and have been delighted with the results. It was so easy to do and we were guaranteed to save money, as well as help other schools in our area do the same, so it was a win-win for everyone. “

Ruth Oggelsby, Office Manager
Rosehill Junior School, Rawmarsh, Rotherham

“We are a small infant school and so any savings that we can make are so important.  TGE Solutions looked at what we had and what we needed with regards to our telecoms and managed to save us a total of £1,879 per year, which is a saving of 87%!!  The service we received from start to finish was fantastic and the after care is also wonderful.  A special thanks to Phil for his patience and help throughout the process.  “

Gemma Marson, School Business Manager
Rawmarsh Ryecroft Infant School, Rotherham

“TGE solutions have made the process of transferring telephone suppliers very straightforward and they did all the work for us to find the provider who could offer us the best deal whilst saving us money.  I would encourage other schools to look into the service they provide. “

Rachel Partovi, School Business Manager
Brackenhill Primary School, Bradford

“As a school trying to save money on utilities, we sought the help of TGE Solutions to help reduce our monthly bills. They explored various different tariffs and explained in simple terms what our best options were. We are now saving money and the service we received was worth every penny. “

Leigh Carr, School Business Manager
Boroughbridge Primary School

“TGE carried out a friendly, professional telecom audit on our school and were able to reduce our costs significantly.  Their service was extremely thorough and pain free.  We now have a fantastic new telephone system and our call costs have reduced by £1000 per year.  We would encourage any school to use TGE to discover the potential savings to be made. “

Kate Crotty, Administrator
Low Moor C.E Primary School, Bradford

“Phil from TGE Solutions supported the school with both the telephone procurement service and the cost saving audit and all I can say is wow! Phil is very knowledgeable and was a fantastic partner in supporting the needs of the school. He provided a hassle free thorough service. He was always at the end of the telephone to help and is efficient, reliable and extremely friendly. We were delighted with the service we received and would not hesitate in recommending him to anyone. Through Phil’s work we have already seen some huge cost savings. “

Louise Hurley, School Business Manager
St. Stephen’s Primary School, Bradford

“Following on from a presentation at our local SBM conference, Phil from TGE came out to our school and we undertook a cost saving audit. They looked at our system and how we could save on calls. TGE arranged the tenders and advised on which would be best for our school. The company chosen installed the system very efficiently and we are already seeing massive savings on our previous BT bills. TGE were very helpful and professional in their approach. Thank you for the calm process. “

Denise Emptage, School Business Manager
Parkland Primary School, Bradford

“As our Telephone System had reached end of life, we employed the services of TGE Solutions to help us purchase a new one. They gave jargon free advice on different technologies, recommended companies to invite to quote and they even wrote the tender. A valuable service from start to finish. “

Nigel Foster, Vice Principal Business & Finance
Skerne Park Academy/ Hummersknott Academy Trust , Darlington

“TGE Solutions carried out a Telecom Audit for my school and this resulted in a substantial saving on our telephone.  The whole procedure was easy and painless and I would definitely recommend them. “

Lorraine Hugill, School Bursar
Gillamoor CE VC Primary School, Gillamoor, York

“Fantastic service, hassle free and happy to cater for our needs. A great end product, highly recommended. “

Helen Feather, Administrator
Helmsley Community Primary School, Helmsley, York

“ Although we are proactive in reviewing our contracts, TGE still managed to find us great savings “

Sue Keeble, School Business Manager
Fulford School, York

“As the Finance Director at Huntington School in York, I have to manage tight budgets and any cost savings that can be found can always be put to good use elsewhere within the school.  Phillip Allum from TGE Solutions was able to tell us very quickly whether we could cut costs on our telephone bills and line rentals. We agreed that no action was required regarding our existing telephone system or maintenance contract but even so Phillip was able to find cost savings in excess of £2,100. Phillip has stayed in touch and when we decided to transfer our lines and calls to a cheaper provider, he was able to help with the process. Phillip gave us straightforward and uncomplicated advice, demonstrating good knowledge and experience within the telecoms market.  He has saved us a considerable amount of time and money and I have already recommended him to other schools in York. “

Jonathan Meehan, Finance Director
Huntington School, York

“Several schools within our Trust were approaching the end date for their broadband contracts and we wanted to move to a single supplier that could help with both these schools and the wider Trust. To assist us with finding a suitable supplier who could implement an appropriate solution which could manage the Trust’s existing and future needs, we engaged the services of TGE Solutions.TGE Solutions helped us engage with suppliers and request pricing as well as providing a detailed report, recommending companies to shortlist, and helping us select a preferred supplier. TGE Solutions independence and advice helped ensure that we selected the supplier who was best able to implement the solution we desired at the best price possible and I wouldn’t hesitate to use them again. “

David Burns, Network Services Manager
Red Kite Learning Trust

“TGE solutions carried out an audit of our telephone line and call costs recently.  The whole process was so easy and problem free from start to finish.  We were delighted that they managed to save us a significant amount of money, at a time when it is most needed! “

Sarah Read, School Business Manager
Hemingbrough CP School, Selby

“TGE Solutions identified a 40% cost saving on line rental and calls in our audit.  The transfer from our old provider was seamless with TGE handling everything on our behalf.  I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them! Michelle Appleby, Business Manager, “

Michelle Appleby, School Business Manager
Barrowcliff School, Scarborough

“Following an audit by TGE Solutions we are able to save money on a monthly basis.  The assistance given to achieve this was both professional and friendly. Thank you. “

Caroline Maher, Administrator
Markington CE Primary School, Markington, Harrogate

“TGE Solutions provided a professional and friendly service.  Following an audit, transition of our telephone provision to the new provider was a seamless exercise and has resulted in an annual saving of over £1400“

Ann Culshaw, School Business Manager
Kingsbury Primary Special School, Skelmersdale

“I have used the services of TGE Solutions in two schools that I have worked in and have made significant savings on telecoms expenditure both times.  The process is very straightforward, they do all the hard work for you!  They not only reduced our call and line rental charges, but also identified that we were paying for items we weren’t aware of and did not need.  “

Mandy Gaitens, School Business Manager
Ribbleton Avenue Methodist Junior School, Preston

“I can certainly recommend TGE Solutions- Following an audit of our line and call charges and subsequent transition to another provider, we have saved a lot of money on telephone bills. Earlier this year I, again, sought the help of TGE when looking at options for a new phone system. Phillip carried out the audit, made recommendations and managed the whole tender process. The new phone system was installed over the summer with very little impact on my time. Always a bonus! Thank you. “

Janet Englishby, School Business Manager
Broughton High School, Preston

“TGE Solutions had previously helped us with a couple of telecoms projects, having been delighted with their previous work we recruited their services again when our broadband contract came up for renewal. Their knowledge of the market saved us both time and money, enabling us to procure a new Leased Line, Firewall and Web Filtering solution that was far superior to our old setup at a greatly reduced price. I would happily recommend their services to any school.“

Nigel Penn, Finance Director
Scalby School, Scarborough

“TGE Solutions assisted our five schools in Yorkshire Collaborative Academy Trust (YCAT) to procure new broadband, firewall and filtering contracts. To ensure that our schools remain compliant TGE Solutions only sourced pricing from education specific Internet Service Providers. TGE’s detailed report enabled us to easily compare the different providers and their solutions. We have now successfully procured new contracts at competitive prices.  TGE’s support and advice was invaluable throughout the process. Jane O’Gara, “

Jane O'Gara, Chief Financial Officer
YCAT- Yorkshire Collaborative Academy Trust

“TGE Solutions did what they said they would do. They halved our annual telephone costs. An effective after-sales service that is genuine and not pushy“

Nigel Penn, Chief Financial Officer
Scalby Learning Trust, Scarborough

“TGE Solutions not only provided excellent, professional service to our school but the procurement process they completed on our behalf has saved us over £6000 per year. “

Tracey Shaw, School Business Manager
Graham School, Scarborough

“Following our telecom audit by Phil from TGE Solutions we now have a telephone system that works for our federated schools. Phil handled the whole process from initial visits to both sites, through the audit and evaluation process. We have worked with the new telecommunications company recommended by TGE Solutions to create a system that works seamlessly. I would highly recommend TGE Solutions to guide you through the process of creating a new system or looking at potential cost savings for your business. “

Laura Waller, School Business Manager
Sherburn CE VC Primary School/ Luttons Community Primary School, The Wolds and Vale Federation

“We approached TGE Solutions because we were looking to save some money on our telephone bills and line rental. TGE Solutions helped us by listening carefully to our needs and offering suggestions of things that were available in the telecoms markets. For us the result was a cost saving on both our telephone calls and line rentals. We found the experience of working with Phil and TGE Solutions simple and very easy. In fact we were so pleased we went back to Phil to assist us in purchasing a new telephone system for the school. We would recommend Phil and TGE Solutions to anyone who is looking to save money or improve their current telecommunication package. “

Anne Lealman, PA to the Headteacher & Office Manager
Welburn Hall School, Kirkbymoorside

“The Telecoms Audit that TGE carried out for the schools in The Ryedale Federation was extremely helpful and identified areas for savings that we would not have identified ourselves. Phil was very knowledgeable and the audit was conducted quickly and professionally and a report was produced for each school which was easy to understand and very transparent. I would have no hesitation in recommending TGE to other schools. “

Helen Coulthard, Finance Director
The Ryedale Federation, Beadlam

“Phillip was a pleasure to work with and stayed in touch throughout the whole process, ensuring we were totally happy with our chosen solution. I would highly recommend TGE Solutions if you’re looking to procure a new telephone system. “

Alison Lonsdale, School Business Manager
The Federation of Holy Trinity C of E Schools, Ripon

“TGE solutions offered a fantastic service and we saved a substantial amount for our federation – I would highly recommend them. “

Ang Lumley, Business and Governance Manager
St Cuthbert’s and Fountains Earth CE Primary Schools, Harrogate

“TGE Solutions completed a telecoms audit for us and although we are only a small primary school with two telephone lines they still managed to find us yearly savings. Apart from supplying a copy of your telephone bill there is no work to be done, it is all done for you!“

 Sharon Langton, Bursar
Darley Community Primary School, Harrogate

“Following recommendations from other schools we opted to use the knowledge and experience provided by TGE Solutions. Our aim was to better understand our current telecoms position and what to do at the time of renewal across various telecoms contracts. TGE Solutions lived up to our expectations on all levels and saved us a considerable amount of time and money in the process. I can highly recommend their services to other schools. “

Roberto Lorusso, Project Manager
Rossett School, Harrogate

“Very easy and pain free way to save on your telephone bills. I would recommend TGE solutions.  “

Kath Alderson, School Business Manager
BAWB Federation, Askrigg VC Primary School, Leyburn

“TGE Solutions have delivered a professional, time and money saving service to our school that has been simple and rewarding to be part of.  An excellent service. “

Yvette Scott, Administration Officer
Leeming RAF CP School, Gatenby, Northallerton

“We changed telecom providers with TGE Solutions last year, the process was very easy. We are saving nearly 50% which is great. “

Joyce Scarr, School Administrator
Sedbergh Primary School, Sedbergh

“The service we received from TGE Solutions was very slick, professional and efficient.  They did all the hard work for us, from writing tender documents for the procurement of a new telephone system, to ensuring that the installation went smoothly after we had chosen which company and system to buy, saving us money all the way “

Janice Thomason, School Business Manager
Mayfield Primary School, Lytham St Annes

“TGE Solutions, input and advice was invaluable throughout the entire process They have saved LRGS a considerable amount of time and money on both LAN Lines and Mobile phone bills.  Within 2 weeks of the new supplier taking over the Lan Phones they visited the site for Health Check and to ensure the system was up to date with updates and security checks “

Kevin Gilpin, IT Manager
Lancaster Royal Grammar School

“TGE Solutions carried out a Telecoms Audit for us and confirmed that I already had good rates. They did however find some hidden charges that I wasn’t aware of that amounted to over £700 a year. One quick call to my existing provider and these charges were removed. If you haven’t already contacted TGE Solutions to arrange an audit, I can definitely recommend it. “

Sue Edwards, Director of Business & Finance,
Ripley St Thomas CE Academy, Lancaster

“I was introduced to TGE Solutions through our local admin/SBM cluster where a number of schools had already made savings using the company. We were coming to the end of a contract with BT which I knew was very expensive. Within a couple of weeks of having a meeting with TGE Solutions I received a Telecoms Audit Report detailing current costs compared to costs from three other telecoms providers. I immediately signed up to the cheapest quote. The whole transition was carried out via TGE Solutions and was seamless from my point of view. More importantly the change took very little time and effort from me. The small charge for the service was more than worth it for Dallas Road School as we ended up saving over £1,000 per year not to mention saving me the hassle of sorting it out. I will be looking for a new telephone system in the near future and will be asking TGE Solutions to help me with that too. “

Karen Foster, School Business Manager
Dallas Road Primary School, Lancaster

“TGE Solutions provided us with a professional transparent service and guided us through the process of giving notice on our expiring contract with another provider which wasn’t meeting our needs. The proposal from TGE was clear and concise which enabled us to make an informed decision. I would highly recommend Phil and his team at TGE “

Elaine Maguire, School Business Manager
St. Teresa’s Primary School, Preston

“The service provided by TGE solutions during the schools recent telephone system tender process was exceptional.  It was not quite as straight forward as I had hoped but I was supported throughout and never felt left to cope on my own.  I would thoroughly recommend their services. “

Lorraine Bowden, School Business Manager
Queen’s Drive Primary School, Fulwood, Preston

“Working with TGE Solutions was so easy and required minimal effort from us. They carried out a telecoms audit which resulted in significant annual savings. We wouldn’t hesitate in recommending them! “

Lynsey Muncaster, Finance Manager
Penwortham Girls’ High School, Preston

“Telephone systems are not my forte and wouldn’t know where to start writing a tender for this type of service. Phillip’s guidance and support was excellent, he guided me through every step of the tender process, ensured the installation went smoothly and provided follow up support. Phillip made it very simple and straight forward to a successful conclusion. I recommend TGE Solutions without hesitation. “

Kim Gill, Assistant Vice Principal – Director of Business & Finance
Lostock Hall Academy, Preston

“When TGE Solutions carried out a telecommunications audit for us, I was surprised and delighted to discover that we could make savings of £2,000 per year. Following a short meeting with TGE Solutions, I received a detailed audit report and we were benefitting from the savings within a few weeks!“

Lynn Hood, Business & Finance Manager
Bishop Rawstorne CE Academy, Croston

“Following an audit by TGE Solutions, we continue to save money on a monthly basis and ensure costs are minimised and resources are used effectively and efficiently.  The assistance given to achieve this was both professional and friendly. TGE helped us through a very difficult transfer with our previous provider and have always been on call when there were initial issues with the new provider. An absolute excellent service and definitely value for money. When it came to reviewing the contract again with our current provider, TGE were only a phone call away to provide reassurance and confirm the new contract was value for money compared to current market rates. This assistance was provided at no cost to the school, showing the excellent level of after sales service and care TGE provide. Definitely recommend to all schools to use TGE, they undertake the work for you and take pain away with the end result of acquiring quality provider will little fuss and excellent savings which can be used towards the school’s wish list. “

Yamin Polli, School Business Manager
Preston Muslim Girls High School, Preston

“I can personally recommend TGE Solutions- They deliver! We have saved an awful lot of money on telephone bills since the school transferred to a new provider following a cost savings audit “

Sheila Cooper, School Business Manager
Holy Cross Catholic High School, Chorley

“Having worked with Phil and the TGE Solutions Team for almost two years, their work in sourcing us value for money and an effective service has been second to none within our School setting.  We’ve seen a saving in telephony costs which we have been able to plough back into resources for our pupils.  Phil is always happy to help with queries we have and offered an efficient and effective service when procuring the changes we were wishing to make to our services.“

Liz Ascroft, School Business Manager
Hillside Specialist School and College, Preston

“I have seen an immediate impact on my telephone bills with a saving of 50%!  Although it is early days with my new contractor I hope these savings continue. TGE, and Phil, have been easy and professional to deal with.“

Rachel Smith, School Business Manager
Fulwood and Cadley Primary School, Fulwood, Preston

“Very happy with the savings audit TGE found for us – easy monthly billing from our new provider & we save money too! What’s not to like?“

 Annie McEnnerney-Whittle, School Business Manager
St. Bernard’s Catholic Primary School, Preston 

“I was initially dubious about using a broker to procure our new telephone system but was encouraged by the positive experiences of local schools.  Anyone who’s looked into buying a new phone system will know that the phone industry is packed with acronyms and mysterious terminology.  Phil cut through the nonsense and delivered easy-to-understand, future-proof options within our budget.  And by switching our telephone calls provider as well, we were able to save more than enough money to cover TGE’s one-off fee and continue to save each year on our calls and line rental.  Thanks, Phil! “

Karen McMahon, School Business Manager
Tottington Primary School

“Telephone systems are not my forte and wouldn’t know where to start writing a tender for this type of service.  TGE Solutions guidance and support was excellent, they guided me through every step of the tender process, making it very simple and straight forward to a successful conclusion. “

Kim Gill, Director of Business & Finance
Lostock Hall Academy, Preston

“We were first introduced to TGE Solutions over two years ago, and the service they provide is excellent. They did all the hard work and provided me with different options, which would save the school money.  Whilst our savings may not be as great as some schools, there were savings nevertheless. I would highly recommend TGE Solutions; you have nothing to lose. “

Vicki Hayward, School Business Manager
Archbishop Temple School, Fulwood, Preston

“TGE Solutions are always very friendly and professional; all the way through the process of writing a detailed tender on our behalf, to overseeing the installation of a full and modern new phone system. We are really glad we decided to work with Phil and the team, we never had any problems at all and everything was explained and documented clearly. We used to get frustrated with our old phones and phone lines but now everything has been upgraded, updated and our costs have been reduced. Thanks TGE Solutions! “

Dan Crook, Data Manager
Whitworth Community High School, Rochdale

“TGE Solutions assisted us with sourcing a new telephone call and line rental provider and managed the transition between the old and new suppliers ensuring the process was seamless and painless. “

Kirstin Middleton, School Business Manager
Bury CE High School

“The initial tender process with TGE solutions was informative and simple to follow.  The telephone installation went without a hitch. Overall we received an excellent service from start to finish. “

Luanne Galawan, School Business Manager
Stoneyholme Community Primary School, Burnley

“TGE Solutions carried out a telecoms audit earlier this year.  As a result of this we are now looking at savings in the future of approx. 35%, a pleasing result when budgets are already stretched to breaking point. “

Philippa Snowden, School Business Manager
Whitefield Infant School and Nursery, Nelson

“It is my pleasure to recommend the services of TGE Solutions who we used for a telecoms audit exercise in March 2017 to ascertain what cost savings we could make on our annual telecoms expenditure. The audit came back very quickly and showed we could make substantial annual savings. They offered us extensive guidance on switching both our line rentals and calls to another provider and assured us at every stage of the procedure. During the process of moving providers, Phillip Allum and his team were excellent and our school was not disrupted in any way with the change of telecoms provider. I have no hesitation in recommending them and can also say Phillip is very passionate about saving schools money and appreciates the pressures we are all up against with our budgets“

Paula Mason, School Business Manager
Ightenhill Primary School, Burnley

“TGE Solutions professional input and advice resulted in the nursery making valuable savings in this very easy audit process.  Highly recommended!  “

Donna Worthington, School Business Manager
Basnett Street Nursery School, Burnley

“Following my attendance of the LASBM conference, I requested an informal discussion with TGE Services to see if there could be savings to make at our school for telephone costs. The process was quick, honest, seamless and most of all –  financially efficient. “

Andrea Aspden, School Business Manager
Peel Park Primary School, Accrington

“Following a Telecoms Audit for our Primary School, TGE Solutions found savings of just under £4,000 per year which we are absolutely delighted with. We will certainly put this money to good use elsewhere within the school budget!“

Amanda Embley, School Business Manager
Lomeshaye Junior School, Nelson

“The service provided by TGE Solutions was exceptional from start to finish with a seamless switch managed on our behalf by TGE Solutions. We are already saving money after receiving our first bill from the new provider “

Lana Owens, School Business Manager
St John’s C of E Primary School, Cliviger, Burnley

“Having previously spent ages undertaking a review of our phone costs and saving a considerable amount of money, I was amazed when following the telecoms audit Phil secured even further savings!  The whole audit process was overseen by Phil with little input from myself……I can’t rate TGE Solutions highly enough.  Thank you. “

Carolyn Keogh, School Business Manager
Cherry Fold Community Primary School, Burnley

“TGE Solutions offered a great service which involved minimal work from us. The staff were friendly and ultimately resulted in annual savings at a time when budgets are under extreme pressure.“

Brendan Georgy, School Business Manager
Mount Carmel RC High School

“I was introduced to TGE solutions through LASBM. Phil carried out a telecoms audit which required no effort from me, all I had to do was provide some existing telephone bills.  They sought out different telecoms companies to find the most competitive deal for our schools. As we are a PFI school it soon became apparent that before my arrival in this post, the school has been left with some very high telecoms charges through BT that were not set up with a school in mind.  We were recommended a company and we switched, saving the school a phenomenal £7,314 in 2017/18 compared to the previous year. This was therefore of course worth every penny of the fee we paid. TGE Solutions also assisted us in changing our mobile phone contracts, which was again effortless on my part as they did all the work. I would recommend any school to provide their telephone bills, you might be a horror story like I was. Nothing ventured nothing gained! “

Nicola Chester, School Business Manager
Blackburn Central High School

“TGE offers a fast, friendly and thoughtful process. Various options are considered and explained, allowing schools to make an informed decision on which money-saving option to proceed with. I would highly recommend TGE for an efficient and thorough service. Many Thanks!“

Kerry Gagen, Business Manager
Corpus Christi Federation, Sacred Heart Catholic Primary School, Goldthorpe, St Helen’s Catholic Primary School, Barnsley and St Michael & All Angels Catholic Primary School, Barnsley

“We worked with Phil to provide new telecoms solutions at two of our large secondary schools within the Trust. Following an initial audit and subsequent procurement exercise, we managed to not only get better and more effective systems but managed to slash our yearly costs by more than 50%. Throughout the process Phil’s expert knowledge of the telecoms industry has been truly remarkable and was absolutely key in finding the right solution for our academies. I look forward to working with TGE Solutions again in the future.“

Sam Bradley, Academy Business Manager
White Rose Academies Trust, Leeds

“As an Academy School we are committed to ensuring that we get value for money on all products and services that we purchase. Following a recommendation, we employed TGE Solutions to carry out an audit of our telecoms estate. We were amazed by the results of the audit, immediate savings of over £2,500 per year were found and recommendations on how we could make further cost savings in the future were provided. We believed that we already had competitive contracts in place, it just goes to show the benefits of employing a company like TGE Solutions.“

Clare Dowson, Finance Manager
Yorkshire Causeway Schools Trust/St Aidans CE High School, Harrogate

“TGE Solutions had previously helped us with a couple of telecoms projects, having been delighted with their previous work we recruited their services again when our broadband contract came up for renewal. Their knowledge of the market saved us both time and money, enabling us to procure a new Leased Line, Firewall and Web Filtering solution that was far superior to our old setup at a greatly reduced price. I would happily recommend their services to any school.“

Nigel Penn, Finance Director
Scalby School, Scarborough

“TGE Solutions carried out a telecoms audit and were able to save us money on our existing contract, which more than covered the costs of the audit. Additionally, they have recently carried out a telephone procurement ahead of the BT analogue switch-off and have again been able to reduce our call charges. I would definitely recommend you speak to any one of the fantastic team they have; I’m sure you’ll be surprised at the savings you will make.“

Vicki Hayward, School Business Manager
Archbishop Temple School, Fulwood, Preston

“TGE Solutions were recommended to us and I am so pleased we instructed them! I have been meaning to instruct a company to carry out a telephone cost audit for some time, but it never took priority. The professionalism and the quick turnaround of the audit was very impressive. I had to do very little in return for an extensive and transparent report. The clear communication from the start to end has been exemplary and I wish I had contacted them years ago as they are saving us over £1,000 per year. I would certainly recommend them and would urge anyone to carry out this exercise. 5/5 rating.“

Sandra Higgins, School Business Manager
St. Matthew’s CEP School with Brunel Nursery School, Blackburn

“Changing the telephone system is a daunting prospect as the technology involved is something staff in schools are not familiar with. We worked with TGE Solutions to help with the procurement process, most importantly they took time to understand our specific needs and provide guidance on the marketplace and options available. It was refreshing that TGE were not trying to sell me a system but to provide advice on the most suitable solution and then obtain the best price.“

Andrew Morley, Business Manager
Parrenthorn High School, Manchester

“Definitely recommend all schools to use TGE. They undertake the work for you taking the pain away with the end result of acquiring a quality provider with little fuss and excellent savings, which can then be put towards the school’s wish list.“

Yamin Polli, Business Manager
Preston Muslim Girls High School, Preston

“TGE Solutions came to our school to look at our current provisions and how they could help us. At the forefront of the entire process was the school’s needs. In the days of ever-decreasing budgets, this service has identified savings which could then be invested into teaching and learning subsequently improving the life chances of our children.“

Lesley Burton, Business Manager
St. John’s CE Primary School, Dawson Lane, Bradford

“As an Academy School, we are committed to ensuring that we get value for money on all products and services that we purchase. Following a recommendation, we employed TGE Solutions to carry out an audit of our telecoms estate. We were amazed by the results of the audit, immediate savings of over £2,500 per year were found and recommendations on how we could make further cost savings in the future were provided. We believed that we already had competitive contracts in place, it just goes to show the benefits of employing a company like TGE Solutions.“

Clare Dowson, Finance Manager
Yorkshire Causeway Schools Trust/ St Aidans CE High School, Harrogate

“TGE Solutions assisted us in procuring a replacement telephone system and we couldn’t be happier with the results. The costs analysis and equipment breakdown were excellent and quotes were provided only from their trusted tried and tested suppliers which gave us reassurance that we wouldn’t be let down, mis-sold or hit with hidden charges. We would highly recommend using TGE solutions.“

Stephen Brade, IT Manager
Settle College, Skipton

“Phillip provided a Telecoms Audit for a small cluster group of Primary Schools in Blackburn. He found savings in excess of £16,000 over 3 years – cannot recommend enough!“

Maggie Duncan, School Business Manager
The Redeemer School, Blackburn

“TGE Solutions carried out a cost saving audit for three schools in our multi academy trust, the audit looked at our phone lines, mobiles and telephone system maintenance. We were delighted not only with the findings which resulted in cost savings of more than £5,000.00 per year but the way in which Phil dealt with the whole process. “

John Mungovin, Site and Facilities Manager
Harrogate Grammar School

“TGE undertook a telecoms audit for our school which resulted in us saving in the region of £1,000.00 per annum on our previous telephone bills. The service was excellent and the move to a different telecoms supplier was a seamless transition.“

Sara Pennock, School Business Manager
Bedale Church of England Primary School, Bedale

“TGE Solutions carried out a Telecom Audit for both of my schools and this resulted in a substantial saving on our phone lines. The whole procedure was easy and painless and I would definitely recommend them.“

Gwen Burn, School Business Manager
Mill Hill Community Primary School, Northallerton

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