Get prepared! The ‘Big Switch Off’ is just around the corner!

It is probably the biggest change in telecoms history in the last few decades! We’re calling it the ‘Big Switch Off’, but what exactly is going to happen?  In short, BT* have announced that they are switching off their analogue and ISDN lines in 2025, forcing schools (businesses and homes too) to make changes to their existing telephone provision.

The impact on the level of change and investment required will depend on your existing telecoms technology.  It may seem a long time away, but it is important to start planning now, to check contracts and notice periods, to understand your options and ensure budget is allocated for any line upgrades and technology changes.

*NB BT Openreach own most of the UK’s telecoms line network, so even if you are with a different provider, this will still apply to your school.

The Good news…..and the bad!

The good news is that there will be potential savings to be made, plus improved technology and features that your school will benefit from.  The bad news is that this forced change provides telecoms companies with the perfect opportunity to exploit schools, putting them at risk of being sold inappropriate, overpriced systems and becoming trapped in contracts.

Genuine help is at hand!

It may seem a daunting prospect (another thing to add to the never-ending list) but we are here to help, by providing expert, honest advice, tailored to your school.

Our purpose, as Specialist Independent Advisors to the Education Sector, is to arm schools with the information and knowledge of what action is needed and when and how to avoid being over charged.  Our end goal is to help schools save and put money back into education.


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