Reassurance for our valued Customers…..and our New Ones!

Here to help

As a result of the current situation, TGE Solutions would like to reassure all our Customers and Partners that we are here, continuing to provide our advisory services to schools and Multi Academy Trusts.

As the Education Sector is our sole customer base, school closures having been officially announced we now all enter an unknown territory together.

Stay Positive

It’s important that we try to remain positive. We hope that once the initial uncertainty is overcome and the new schooling regime evolves, new opportunities will arise for schools and TGE Solutions.

In the coming months there should be opportunities for schools and MATs to be able to focus on identifying areas for both future savings and improving technologies.  Areas that may well get swamped under the day to day school  that need to be addressed.

Remote Services

As a continued effort to support schools we provide excellent remote services.  These include:

Virtual Meetings – the only way

We also have a Video Conference Call facility available which is likely how more business than ever will be conducted in the coming months.  Certainly a better way to conduct business for the planet – think of all those miles on the roads that will be saved.

Video Conferencing calls will facilitate initial meetings and discussions with Schools and MATs with a view to planning school visits, where necessary, in the coming months. Please let us know if this is of interest and if you’d like to discuss arranging an appointment.

Please visit our NEW website which provides concise video overviews of all our services.

We are available to discuss your Telecoms and Broadband concerns AND please remember that we act purely in an independent advisory capacity – we work on the schools’ behalf with its best interest at heart!

So please don’t hesitate to contact us. We hope to hear from you soon.

Finally, we would like to wish everyone all the very best.

Stay strong, stay positive and stay safe.                                                                 01937 420052

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