Meeting Old Friends and Making New!


It has been another busy month for us at TGE Solutions, having attended School Business Leader Conferences in South Yorkshire, Stockport and Lancashire!

We have been an Approved Partner to The Lancashire Association of School Business Managers #LASBM for around 4 years now and are very proud of the great relationship we have with the SBM Members, having helped over 150 schools in Lancashire save money on their telecoms.

Last week we attended the relatively new Stockport Association of School Business Manager’s Group #SASBM for the first time.

Following a short presentation by our MD, Phillip Allum, introducing our School Advisory and Procurement Services, we received an overwhelming response and have spoken to over 40 schools so far, who have expressed an interest in joining the “Stockport Schools Group Telecoms Cost Savings Project.”  This project looks at cost savings across schools’ telephony and by working together, the collective buying power is increased enabling us to find greater savings for all schools involved.  We are looking forward to helping lots of schools in Stockport reduce their telecoms costs and we can’t wait – you’re a cracking bunch!

As an advisory company, we offer an audit service that looks at line rentals and call charges, plus phone system maintenance and mobiles– and we find 29 out of 30 schools we work with are being overcharged.

If your school would like to join or find out more about one of our current cluster group projects in South Yorkshire, Stockport or Lancashire please contact us on 01937 547090 or email .

There is no obligation, no risk, no hassle, to start this easy process.  We hope your school can join the 450 schools, across the North of England, that we have already helped make a combined saving of over £500,000 per year.