New year, New You!

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Welcome back to another new academic year. I don’t know about you, but working within the education sector, September is a more natural start of a new year, compared to January. There’s usually still some warmth in the air and some sunshine around plus most of us have managed a break of some sorts so energy levels and enthusiasm are high.

So, now is a good time to reflect on 2019 and maybe make some new year’s resolutions – even if it’s not a traditional time of year to be doing so!    Here are some suggestions:

  • Be Braver – Try stepping out of your comfort zone – try something new, within the workplace or at home.  It’s very easy when you are busy to stick to things that are safe, but we all know that we learn most when we are challenged. And learning is good, right? Now could be the time to try something new. Visit the classrooms once a week, introduce yourself to the new pupils, do an evening class! We are in the process of revamping our website and entering the world of video!  So watch this space!
  • Say No – Not to trying new things, but to enabling you to prioritize where you want and need to focus your efforts. Many school business professionals find it hard to say no, because they are kind and helpful people. But next time someone asks, “could you just….” you should question are you really the best person for the job!  All too often SBM’s are unable to accept our help, but hopefully by saying no to the time-consuming things that won’t help the school save money, you’ll say yes to us and help put money back into your children’s education instead!
  • It’s all about people – Networks are important, both in terms of knowing who to ask for help to get things done, but also having a group of trusted colleagues who can give you honest advice, feedback and ideas! There are plenty of regional networks that have online forums as well as conference style events.  Many of our customers are already members and we are preferred partners, so we can help point you in the direction.


Here are a few links to some of the larger, well established Northern regional groups…

LASBM                Lancashire Association of School Business Managers

SYSBL                  South Yorkshire School Business Leaders

CASBAM              Cumbria Association of School Business Administration and Managers

HEYSBL               Hull and East Riding School Business Leaders

Of course, there are plenty of online networking opportunities on LinkedIn and Twitter too. Here’s Phillip Allum’s, profile on LinkedIn, MD of TGE Solutions, if you’d like to connect we’re always interested in connecting with people and sharing our experiences.

Enjoy these first few weeks of the term – everyone refueled and raring to go (especially the kids, well the younger ones maybe😊!)   – it’s the perfect time to be positive and brave!