You may be aware that the NYCC broadband contract is up for renewal on the 1st April 2019.

Over the past month we have helped over 50 schools throughout North Yorkshire with their broadband procurement projects. This follows on from the telecoms cost savings projects where we have helped over 150 schools in North Yorkshire save money on their telecoms expenditure and in procuring new phone systems.

TGE Solutions acts independently on behalf of schools to help procure broadband, IT support and telecoms products and services. It is important to stress that we do not sell any telecoms, broadband or IT products and services ourselves, instead we act purely on behalf of schools to ensure that you are procuring the correct products and services from reputable suppliers at the best possible prices.

We are still being approached by schools throughout North Yorkshire who have yet to decide on their new broadband supplier.  Although timescales are tight there is still time left, if you act quickly, to look at this project. The deadline for Smoothwall (Firewall & Filtering) orders has been extended by Schools ICT to the 12th December and the broadband connectivity is the end of December, although realistically you will need to decide on your supplier by the 12th December.

We have been able to procure lower pricing than Schools ICT are offering for the majority of the schools we have worked with so far. The purpose of this project is not to take business away from Schools ICT, instead it should be used as a procurement exercise to ensure that you have all the information you require to make an informed decision on who to proceed with for your new contract.

The procurement exercise will consist of looking at your current and future requirements and then procuring pricing from three Education specific Internet Service Providers for broadband connectivity, firewall and content filtering. Once prices have been procured, we will send you a report that contains information on the suppliers, initial set up charges, annual rental prices and total cost of ownership over 3 years.

If you would like our assistance, please can you let me ASAP as time is now running out. Please email us at or call 01937 547090 to find out more. Many thanks.

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