We provide specialist advice to the Education sector, working with School Business Managers and Head Teachers throughout the UK. We are Approved Partners and Supporters of The Lancashire Association of School Business Managers (LASBM), Cumbria Association of School Business Administration and Management (CASBAM), Association of Business Leaders in Education (ABLE), Nottingham City Council, Leicestershire Academies Group (LAG), Bradford SBM Forum and South Yorkshire School Business Leaders Group (SYSBL).

Our mission is to put money back into Education by identifying areas where savings can be achieved. Having worked with hundreds of schools we have found that 29 out of 30 schools are being overcharged for their telecoms products and services without them being aware. As a result, telecoms is a key area for savings to be made quickly and therefore one we focus on first.

By the end of 2017, our 402 School customers benefitted from annual savings of £450,000. In 2018, our target is to increase this annual saving to £750,000. These savings go directly back into Schools every year to benefit children and their education.

We provide the following two key services that will benefit your School:

Telecoms Audit

Our telecoms audits are guaranteed to save you time and your school money. Our experts will analyse all elements of your telecoms expenditure and highlight areas where savings can be made and how much. To learn more about our Telecoms Audits Click Here


We can assist you with the procurement of new telephone systems, mobile contracts, landlines and broadband. We work on your behalf to find you the best solutions from the best suppliers at the best prices. To learn more about our procurement services Click Here

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"TGE Solutions helped our cluster of Primary Schools to collectively save over £16,000 per year on our telecoms bills."

− Magie Duncan – The Redeemer School, Blackburn

"TGE Solutions input and advice was invaluable throughout the entire process."

− Head of IT - Bonmarché

"We were delighted not only with the findings which resulted in cost savings of more than £5,000.00 per year but the way in which Phil dealt with the whole process."

− John Mungovin - Harrogate Grammar School

"TGE Solutions have assisted us with various telephone system installations, they have extensive telecoms knowledge and we would highly recommend them."

− Chris Flynn - Pavers Shoes.

"I thought the council was getting a good deal from our existing telecoms suppliers, however TGE Solutions highlighted areas where savings in excess of £33,300 a year could be achieved - I couldn’t be happier."

− Scott Gardner - Hyndburn Council.

"TGE Solutions clearly had great knowledge and gave us straightforward advice. They have saved us a considerable amount of time and money and I have already recommended them to other schools in York."

− Jonathan Meehan - Huntingdon School