Telecoms Audit

Over 90% of the Businesses and Schools we work with are being overcharged for the telecoms products and services they purchase each year.

Our Telecoms Audits are designed to help your organisation highlight areas where cost savings can be achieved and where improvements can be made to your telecommunications. The world of telecoms is constantly changing and can be complex, we appreciate that you might not have the time or knowledge to review your contracts, products and services, which is why we do all this work for you.

Your completed audit report will provide you with all the information you need to save money and improve communications. You will be able to renegotiate contracts with your existing suppliers or change suppliers, the choice is yours.

So, how does it Work?

  • Uncover- We have a brief meeting to learn about your organisation, the telecoms products and services you use and your suppliers. At this stage we will collect copies of your telecoms bills and contracts.
  • Search- We analyse your telecoms bills to see where cost savings can be achieved and we review your telecoms products and services to find ways for you to improve your communications.
  • Propose- We obtain pricing from different suppliers on your behalf for all products and services where we have highlighted that cost savings can be achieved. We complete your audit report detailing all cost savings and improvements.
  • Fulfil- We will assist you with the renegotiation of any existing contracts, cancelling any contracts that are no longer required and setting up contracts with new suppliers.


As a telecoms advisory business, we do not sell any telecoms products or services. Instead we work with you to find the best solutions for your organisation, from the best suppliers, at the best prices.

We can assist with the procurement of cloud based and on premise telephone systems, mobile phone contracts, landlines and broadband.

Our services include:

  • Interviewing key personnel to compile a requirements brief
  • Designing a solution to fit your requirements
  • Writing your invitation to tender document
  • Advising on suppliers to invite to bid
  • Reviewing tender responses
  • Shortlisting potential suppliers
  • Attending presentations in order to assist you with the decision making process
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"TGE Solutions helped our cluster of Primary Schools to collectively save over £16,000 per year on our telecoms bills."

− Magie Duncan – The Redeemer School, Blackburn

"TGE Solutions input and advice was invaluable throughout the entire process."

− Head of IT - Bonmarché

"We were delighted not only with the findings which resulted in cost savings of more than £5,000.00 per year but the way in which Phil dealt with the whole process."

− John Mungovin - Harrogate Grammar School

"TGE Solutions have assisted us with various telephone system installations, they have extensive telecoms knowledge and we would highly recommend them."

− Chris Flynn - Pavers Shoes.

"I thought the council was getting a good deal from our existing telecoms suppliers, however TGE Solutions highlighted areas where savings in excess of £33,300 a year could be achieved - I couldn’t be happier."

− Scott Gardner - Hyndburn Council.

"TGE Solutions clearly had great knowledge and gave us straightforward advice. They have saved us a considerable amount of time and money and I have already recommended them to other schools in York."

− Jonathan Meehan - Huntingdon School