Telecoms Strategy Planning For Your School

Thanks again to Cheshire Association of School Business Mangers (CHASBM) for inviting us to their recent event which was the first of many we hope!

Our presentation at the conference, was based around BT’s announcement that they will be making major changes to their telecoms network where both their analogue and ISDN line networks will be switched off in 2025 forcing all organisations to look at Voice over IP technologies. This is likely to affect most if not all schools and is something that you should be starting to plan for now.

We have already made individual appointments to see many of our School Business Manager Customers in order to review the telecoms in school and help with strategy planning and cost savings, another important benefit to your school in a time of ever decreasing budgets. As an independent advisory company, we can offer tailor made solutions to Schools according to their individual needs.

We have already worked with over 600 schools to help procure savings on their annual telecom’s expenditure, totalling in excess of £1m a year. We also offer advice on telephone system procurement, broadband and IT support to find best value and fit for purpose solutions which are reliable and compliant with the DfE. Please do contact us on 01937 420052 or email if you would like more information or to make a no obligation appointment for us to pop out to see you.

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