Welcome back to the New Academic Year- Time to plan and save!

Welcome back to school- We hope you all had a good Summer, whether you have been taking a break or catching up with projects in school over the holidays. It seems that September has more of a ‘New Year, New Start’ feel than January does – certainly for those with children or who work with schools.

The start of a new academic year often means lots of planning, budgeting and trying to prepare for whatever might get thrown at you!

One of those things we can help you with and put your mind at rest, is your school’s telecoms provision and the looming BT Network Switch Off.

This is a task that can feel very overwhelming, especially as new technologies are likely to be required for your school to accommodate the Network Switch Off.  Where do you start?

We provide specialist advice tailored to individual schools and Multi Academy Trusts to establish exactly what telecoms provision is needed.  We can then help procure the right system ensuring the best pricing is achieved. Our expertise will save you time and your school money.

Simply click on the links below to find out how we can save you time and your school money.

Network Switch Off Telecoms Planning Audit

Telephone System Procurement Service

Broadband Procurement Service

Or please give one of our friendly team at TGE Solutions a call on 01937 420052 and we’ll briefly talk through the processes and answer any queries.

Get this September off to a great start and call us today- Our Mission is to put money back into Children’s education by providing expert, honest advice tailored to your school.

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